Social Research & Evaluation

Useful Projects can provide:

  • Program Evaluation – click on this link for more information about our wide range of evaluation services.
  • Social research – If you need to understand more about a particular phenomena, event, experience, social situation, group or community, talk to Gretchen about ideas for social and community based research.
  • Survey development, implementation and analysis
  • Interviews and focus groups – can provide more in-depth understanding of participant views on particular topics.
  • Arts-based research for creative endeavors – a narrative focus, using art-making, drama and music to help people share stories, express their views and reflect on experiences.
  • Literature reviews – to position your program, service or new idea. A quality literature review can help you get started with new projects by scoping the topic area, out ‘what’s been done before’ and learn from the lessons of others in similar situations.

Talk to Gretchen about your research and evaluation needs.  Useful Projects specializes in research and evaluation of community services, arts and education programs and organisations.

Here is a list of publications: journal articles, reports, conference presentations and more

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