Community Development Services

Useful Projects provides services that can assist in your community work. From analysing the elements of a specific community, to facilitating meaningful engagement and co-developing measures of change – our expertise and experience can help you enrich your community work.


Gretchen has been an adult educator in social work, community development, health sociology and music industry skills for over 20 years. Useful Projects offers a range of training and professional development services for individuals, groups and organisations.   Training can be tailor made to your requirements.   Some popular workshops include:

  • Communication skills for community work
  • Exploring the nature of the community you are working with
  • Strategies for Community Engagement
  • Network thinking and network analysis in community work
  • Planning community projects
  • Evaluation planning
  • Arts-based approaches to engaging communities
  • Arts-based community development research and evaluation approaches

Asset Mapping & Community Planning Services

Community work requires a strong understanding of the community itself. Asset mapping is a strengths-focused, positive way of engaging with a community to understand what the skills, knowledge, experiences community members hold. Discovering the cultural, natural and built treasures in a community is an empowering and inspiring process. With a strong base in what a community ‘has, the challenges of a community can be addressed from a position of power. People can work together using community assets to challenge and change in the direction they choose. An asset mapping process will determine

  • What is the history of the community and how has it worked together in the past?
  • Who are the community leaders, formal and informal?
  • What are the relationships between people, groups and organisations?
  • What are the natural and built assets?
  • What are the skills and attributes community members can share?
  • What are the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of the community?
  • How can we engage community to facilitate the future they desire?

Community ideas form the basis of a useful, community-led plan for positive social change.

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